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Tourist association of the municipality of Skrad
Tourist association of the municipality of Skrad
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About Skrad


In the centre of Gorski kotar, along the Luisiana road that divides the settlement in half, lies Skrad. It is a small town, known as early as the 19th century as a rehabilitation resort and vacation destination. The mild sub-alpine climate, the fresh air and the pristine nature are just some of the characteristics for which this settlement has been renowned in its rich touristic history. Skrad and its surroundings stretch over 56.54 km² and have around 900 inhabitants. Scattered along the slopes of Skradski vrh (1044 m), Skrad has an exceptionally favorable natural position. The view stretches along the valley of the river Kupa, the surrounding mountain tops and the mountains of Slovenia. Skrad rises high above the canyon in which there is Zeleni vir and Vrajži prolaz, natural sights of rare beauty and shape. Zeleni vir is an impressive 70 meters high rock towering up between two steep slopes that hide a cave with a spring. Vrajži prolaz (Devil's passage) is also a specific phenomenon – an 800 metres long canyon, at places only two meters wide. The passage has been chiselled into rocks above the stream that in some places reach a height of over 100 m. At the end of Vrajži prolaz there is an opening in the rock. This is entrance to the cave is known as Muževa hižica.

The Skrad area is a paradise for lovers of an active vacation and champions of a healthy lifestyle, and it is suitable for walks, climbing, biking, tours and picnics. Besides that you can also enjoy in the four-lane bowling alley, on the football field at Skradska draga or go fishing on the rivers of Kupica and Iševnica. Accommodation is available in private apartments, guesthouses or in the cozy atmosphere of one of the mountain lodges.


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