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Bicycle path of Gorski kotar

Bicycle path of Gorski kotar

The Gorski kotar Bike Transverse route connects all the cities and municipalities of Gorski Kotar which allows you to plan several days of active holidays in our green oasis. The route is made up of seven stages of 28-43 kilometers and has a total of 260 kilometers. Together with 9 links it makes for more than 400 kilometers of unique pleasure on 2 wheels. The route runs along the existing forest and less traffic local roads, and invites you to stop and get to know the mountainous area, its natural, cultural and historical attractions and culinary delights. On the site you will find a map the entire route, descriptions of the individual stages as well as interesting attractions and tourist points on each leg that you have to visit to experience Gorski Kotar.

For easier navigation, the website offers all the GPS data from the Gorski kotar Bike Transverse that you can download. See, hear, smell, touch, feel, taste. Gorski Kotar is ready for your senses and your bike!

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