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Interesting in Skrad

Legend of Skrad's "pošterkanci"

Residents of many highland places following nicknames including people of Skrad often called POŠTERKANCI. Are the stories about how the inhabitants of nicknames really get, true or imaginary, it seems we will never know, but if we are to believe the older generations, people of Skrad christened "pošterkanci" after one bit funny story. Young men one night coming home from a party in I crack of dawn. Their parents went very early to the field to work and urgeded young men to go with them, so they arrived very soon and started. Young men, just tired of all night entertainment, did not come changed into work clothes, but they were in the field dressed in suits with "poštirkan" (polished) shirts, which were worn on the night before. When they together, with their parents, arrived in the field, people who have also worked in the field, began to comment on how Skrad's people which goes to work in the field have to be nice, gentlemanly trained respectively Poštirkani. Since then Skrad's people called „Pošterkanci“.

How is built hydropower "Munjara" in the Green source

At the end of the 19th century the area of the Green source was impassable and unexplored, and people didn't go down often, only a few brave individual hiker or hunter. During one hunting season, Josip Loncaric, in search for his wounded prey, came just before the cave source of Green source and came up with the idea that water, which is profusely flowed from the source of the Green source, use for electricity generation. Despite widespread disbelief, the idea to build power plant will caused many difficulties,  he started with realization. Hydroelectric power plant "Munjara" was built in 1921 and it  is the second oldest hydropower plant in Croatia. Local residents today in everyday language for the hydropower plant uses the term "Munjara". Skrad is the first place in Gorski kotar which was electrified. Still works and produces electricity with Francis water turbine, which is still in operation. The second generator turbine installed in 1961 and is smaller than the first one. It produces  equal force of 1020 kva.  Josip Loncaric is to build a hydroelectric hired architects, among whom was Fran Hatzinger, who in 1917 developed a preliminary design. On the basis of the project company "Peyer and other" in 1921 built a power plant.

Goran's Stuffing - a specialty of the local cuisine

Stuffing is an old mountain dish that is traditionally prepared for Easter. The dish is prepared from eggs, cooked ham, bacon, bread and spices. Tom is a mixture of up to half full dried pork stomach, more recently plastic hose. Everything is cooked for 3 to 4 hours, cooled and served. Versions Goran's fillings today are prepared throughout the Gorski Kotar and every place of Gorski kotar has it's own peculiarities when creating assigns and selecting supplements. Specificity Skrads'S stuffing is that it adds in green onions. Gold PIGIK TO Skrad- the largest gastronomic awards Skrad’s stuffing and other local specialties hotel "Green source" that are exposed to PIGIK in Petrinja’s exhibition of gastronomy and culinary art in 1966, were awarded the highest award of the Municipality of Petrinja - Golden Pigik. The victory was even greater and more important if one considers that in this competition participated then the best hotels of the former Yugoslavia, which are reputed to be the favorites in the competition. For this significant award merit should be attributed to the chef of hotel "Green source", Marica Grgurić, which their culinary skills and this result certainly ensure the arrival of numerous guests in Skrad.

Why the name cave „Muževa hišica“ ?

Cave “Muževa hišica” is located at the exit of the canyon Devil passage. About this rather small cave, younger at the origin, in the local older population retell the diverse and interesting stories, according to which it was named. When in the early 20th century, Ph.D. August Langhofer and his colleagues investigated, they found in it a rare example of our fauna - olm. Add to this that when these studies found in the cave and other ceramics that were used in the medieval period. This immediately led to a connection with the Turks in Gorski Kotar. “Muževa hišica” is probably in these perilous times could serve as a hideout to the people. The name attribute of the cave men, the label is the chief (her husband) and groups that seek refuge from the Turks in her „Muževa hišica“.


Alpine tustica (Pinguicula leptoceras) - rare example of flora in the Devil's passage

Is a plant with beautiful flowers, and can be found in the Devil's passage, fortunately the almost on inaccessible places for the average tourist, because of this rare plant says that the rest of the last glaciation and thus exists as a relic from the Ice Age, which is the reason that with special attention to treat it. It’s very rare feature which feeds with small insects, and is considered to be among some of our plants which are feeds with a small insects. She loves shady places which is important for its survival conditions prevailing in the canyon. Alpine tustica withstand low temperatures, the resistance she'd brought from the millennium as it passed the last glaciations - very rare.


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