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Tourist association of the municipality of Skrad
Tourist association of the municipality of Skrad
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How to reach "Zeleni vir"


The reserve can be reached on foot along hiking trails or by car via a paved road. This road is not suitable for large vehicles (buses).

The first, shorter hiking trail (30 minutes) is rather craggy and one has to be careful; it starts by the railway station in Skrad, crosses the tracks bound north and follows the tracks some hundred meters to the exit for Zagreb. It is a path with many hairpin-bends, with an altitude difference of around 300 meters it is marked and will lead you to the entrance of the cave source of Zeleni vir.

The second is a somewhat longer path (a 60 minute easy walk through the forest area of Jasle) and starts by the railway station in Skrad. It goes along the paved road bound south, by the power sub-station, crosses the railway tracks and continues along the forest path to the crossroad from where the signs lead to the left along the walking path. The track then descends through the forest to the cave (Muževa hišica) whose entrance is located in the rock above the Jasle stream. In the vicinity of the cave the path continues in the direction of the source of Kupica River.

The third, easiest mountain path, can be reached by car if you take the turn towards the hamlet of Ložac on the road Delnice – Brod na Kupi. After turning, drive to Ložac and continue another hundred meters till the turn to the right onto an unpaved road. Along that road you will reach the parking area. That is where the mountain path begins upstream by the Curak creek. Walking slowly and enjoying the murmur of the stream in some forty minutes you will reach the mountain lodge of „Zeleni vir“.

By car you can reach the center of the reserve and the lodge at „Zeleni vir“ taking the paved and marked road that passes through the village of Planina and is some 5km long. You should drive carefully because the road is steep and winding.

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